Top New York Fashion Weekends Spring and Summer 2018

Top New York Fashion Weekends Spring and Summer 2018


 “>Find out what our Calvin Klein, Coach, and Victoria Beckham fashion shows have made from simple fashion to bold design

 Jacket with pockets

One of the best pieces that appeared in the shows is the jacket and the front pockets. We saw them in the Calvin Klein shows made of satin and appeared in Dion Lee’s long-sleeved dresses, which ensures that any size, fabric or color will be welcomed. If you want to buy one of the Spring / Summer 2018 season pieces, we recommend you choose these pieces


It’s clear that the fashion of comfortable sportswear or what is known as ‘athleisure’ is one of the chants that appear almost every summer but the difference this time is that it was a great success at New York Fashion Week. All of the sportswear appears to have appeared during the Fashion Week, starting with those that contain small details such as many of the buttons offered by Calvin Klein or the costumes that appeared in Prabal Gurung’s shows, which resemble crochet with large openings, through the planned pieces and sport pants from Fenty

 Light purple

Each season seems to have its own color, this time we find light purple is the focus of attention. Victoria Beckham and Tibi used it in suits and pieces as they appeared during the Tom Ford show on the puma jacket

Open shoulders

Over the three seasons and the spring / summer season of 2018, the shoulder-cut pieces became popular in the 1980s. In most of the shows we saw the asymmetrical pieces at the neckline and the shoulder drop-offs. Tory Burch and Zimmermann performed these designs on dresses and blouses

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