New study Weight gain caused by stress

New study .. Weight gain caused by stress


Excessive weight gain is a result of stress, according to researchers at the Mayo Clinic. The reason for this is that the human body can not distinguish between mental and physical exhaustion, the body deals with either of them as an imminent danger needs to produce more sugar in the blood, ending up with a significant increase in the level of sugar in the blood, and soon become the last To excess fat added to the fatty tissue in the body



 Group B answers provide relief from any physical or mental fatigue that may affect quality of life. In this context, advice is advocated for maintaining the long-term quality of life


– Group C responses show moderate levels of physical and mental exhaustion, requiring some subjective lifestyle changes to overcome them


– Group A answers show very high levels of physical and mental exhaustion, which stimulates the body to produce a large amount of sugar in the blood that turns into excess fat. Therefore, the specialization in therapeutic nutrition, Soumia Soliman, emphasizes the need to follow some guidelines that reduce physical and mental exhaustion


• Create the right atmosphere to relax before bedtime long enough to sleep deep, by avoiding watching movies of violence or horror, for example


• Ensure that the number of hours of sleep is not less than seven hours, per day


• Finding the ideal way to manage time at work, so that the number of working hours does not exceed eight hours per day, interspersed with the performance of some physical movements


• Exercise five times a week and one hour at a time


• Exercise, meditation and yoga at least twice a week


• Consult your doctor when complaining of menstrual disorders


• Drink herbs, such as mint and basil, and shower with warm water supported by aromatherapy oils


• Increase the intake of leafy vegetables and fruits, especially citrus fruits, strawberries, apricots and melons, to overcome skin dryness and dryness


• Ask for help from friends and family, without shame, to relieve the daily stress caused by increased workloads and family

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